TechTäglich: Google wants to buy Fitbit

Google wants to buy Fitbit

Fitbit Charge 3
Charge 3 models are currently Fitbit’s flagship product (Photo: Manufacturer)

Smartwatch to the first. Apple dominates the market, Fitbit is behind it, wearOS of Google has problems. But Google could save with a purchase now wearOS. The rumor mill states that Google or the parent company Alphabet is interested in acquiring Fitbit. A new report assumes that Alphabet (Google) wants to buy Fitbit. The group is said to have already made an offer to take over. To what amount is not known yet. This could significantly strengthen the future of wearOS and benefit from Fitbit’s know-how. That would be urgently needed, since in the spring of 2020 theoretically the next Apple Watch Series 6 could appear, with which Apple should further expand its market lead.

First smartwatch from Xiaomi is an Apple Watch

Mi Watch 2
Stunning similarity: The Mi Watch 2 (left) looks like an Apple Watch (Photo: xda / weibo)

Smartwatch to the second. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has released images of its very first smartwatch for the first time. Lo and behold, the Mi Watch 2 is an Apple Watch. Although it is of course different: Mi Watch. Xiaomi has a long tradition in cloning Apple products. In 2014 we started with the Mi Pad, which looked like an iPad mini. In 2018, the Mi 8 smartphone came out and was similar to the iPhone X confusingly. So now the smartwatch: Side Button, digital crown, the design just a bit rounder. Looks like the Apple Watch. However, the Chinese have not wooed any designer of Apple – but only “inspire” leave. By the way: The next Apple Watch 6 is also said to be rounder.

Watch Netflix Series 50 percent faster

Netflix speed
Netflix speeds up the first testers – with new settings (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix has come up with a new idea in the Android app: films and series can now be watched 50 percent faster (or 25 percent slower). Netflix wants to give binge watchers the opportunity to watch more content in less time. Currently the feature is being tested on selected Android users. Depending on the conclusion of the tester, the function could be introduced worldwide. But Hollywood is not amused: Numerous directors are running against the idea, reports the industry portal Hollywood Reporter. Judd Apatow, for example, has informed Netflix about the legal consequences. Licensed content should not be rumanipuliert: “This is a breach of trust and is not tolerated by the people who offer it.” Netflix has now officially confirmed the tests.

PR balloon for Galaxy S10 crashed in the garden: Samsung went out of breath

Hot Air Balloon
The PR stunt from Samsung ended in the front yard of a. Michigan couple (Photo: pixabay)

Samsung’s promotional stunt for the Galaxy S10, a hot-air balloon designed to shoot “Space Selfies”, turned out to be hot air in the end. The balloon, according to Engadget half the size of a basketball field, was off course due to the choppy weather. A couple from Michigan (USA) got scared when the XXL balcony suddenly landed in their garden. Raven Industries, who had developed the balloon, vowed for the next PR action. And even Samsung itself must probably improve in the future: The balloon took namely no selfies from space, but only sailed high above the ground. The time spent in the air was not ideal: the balloon was supposed to slide back to Earth tomorrow, October 31st. It did not work and the South Koreans disappointed: “An early soft landing in a rural area.” Pfffff.

Mario Kart Tour: The plumber is racing to the download record

The plumber is pushing towards record-breaking sales figures: 129.3 million downloads recorded the mobile version of Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android in the first month. Only Pokemon Go made a better start on download numbers within the first 30 days after release: 163 million! It generated Mario Kart Tour according to the analysts of sensor Tower $ 37.4 million in revenue from in-app purchases (the game itself is free in the base version). Only Fire Emblem Heroes from Nintendo reached $ 67.6 million in the first month. Once you break down the numbers for Mario Kart Tour, each player spends 26 US cents. Dr. Mario World came to 19 cents. The biggest cash cow in this area is currently the game Dragalia Lost. It’s so popular that every gamer spends an average of $ 16.50 on in-app purchases.

The end of the LEAD: Airpool Karaoke instead of Carpool Karaoke

Twice Kanye West has cut James Corden off when he wanted to sign the superstar for Carpool Karaoke. From the singing car ride has not come to this day. That’s why Corden just turned the tables: he visited West. In his private machine, Corden flew with West and his Sunday Church Choir, a gospel choir that strongly supports the rapper on his new Christian album “Jesus is King”, to a concert: Airpool instead of Carpool – whether in the air or in the car, this karaoke series remains a lot of fun. And by the way, Kanye also reveals a lot from his private life.

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