TechTäglich: Brave – the Chrome browser without Google

Brave – the Chrome browser without Google

Despite stomachaches in terms of data protection: According to Statista use 45.7 percent of Internet users in Germany Google’s Chrome browser. The Firefox has caught up in the last half year again significantly and is now at 26.1 percent. But the fast, easy-to-use and well-expandable Chrome remains Germany’s favorite browser. That Curiosity giant Google reads while browsing diligently and collects data, take the users down. But that does not have to be: Because with the Brave browser, there is a free alternative that is based on the same technology as the Chrome – but which is not from Google and does not collect data. The magazine The Verge sings today a song of praise to the Brave and lists all the advantages. The alternative browser is as fast as Chrome, uses the same extensions, and works with all sites that actually require Chrome. It is available for PC and Mac, for Android and iOS. And it comes from Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and longtime boss of Firefox developer Mozilla – a name that guarantees good privacy. Conclusion of Verge author Vlad Savov: “Why I replaced the Chrome by the Brave.” You can download it here.

The next, please: Samsung brings two more folding smartphones

The Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first folding smartphone, is not even on the market. But the Koreans are already working on the next two kinky phones. According to Bloomberg, one of the models should be able to fold upright – and not in landscape format, like the Galaxy Fold. With the second variant, Samsung copied the Huawei Mate X, in which both sides of the screen are on the outside. This device should be much narrower than that with 1.7 centimeters but still powerful Galaxy Fold. With the new Falt mobile phones, which are to appear in late 2019 or early 2020, Samsung wants to work out a lead in front of Apple, where in terms of kinky iPhone yet no plans are known. IDC analyst Bryan Ma says, “So far no one knows what the perfect design for foldable smartphones looks like, many of these experiments will not succeed, but companies will learn a great deal.”

Blockbuster Video: Now there is only one store left

Before iTunes and Netflix changed the world of video, the US giant Blockbuster was the # 1 video rental company in the world with around 9,000 stores. With the triumph of online videos, it went downhill steeply. In 2010 Blockbuster had to file for bankruptcy. But individual franchisees may continue to use the name of the undead company. Now, according to Gizmodo, closes the penultimate branch in Perth, Australia. This leaves only one store left. The world’s last blockbuster stands in the 90,000-inhabitant town of Bend in the US state of Oregon – and has long been a place of pilgrimage for VHS and DVD nostalgics. Owner Sandi Harding sells souvenirs and her own craft beer, and incidentally gives one or the other movie. She wants to persevere and continue to deny Netflix: “We still have our regular customers and do not even think about closing down.” As a cult-believer “Last Blockbuster of the World” this could even work.

“Wrong” Batteries: Apple repairs now anyway

I Phone Battery 9To5
A hostile third-party battery is now no more K.o. criterion for an iPhone repair (Photo: iFixit)

Until now, anyone who installs the replacement battery of a third-party manufacturer in their iPhone forfeits the right to repair in an Apple Store. Now, Apple has surprisingly repealed this directive, which has been in force for years. Effective immediately, employees of Genius Bars in Apple’s stores may repair screens or other defective parts of an iPhone even if a third-party battery is installed. If the problem is with the battery, Apple replaces the battery with its own parts. That’s what MacRumors learned from Apple circles. The new specifications refer exclusively to batteries. For iPhones that were repaired with other foreign parts, Apple still denies the service. Exception remain substitute displays from third-party manufacturers, which tolerates Apple since 2017.

Game of Thrones, Season 8: The trailer is here

Only 40 days left: At 3:00 in the morning on April 15, the eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” will also kick off in Germany – parallel to the US premiere at HBO. Now the pay station has released the official trailer for “GoT 8”. The grim two-minute video, which comes after just a few hours to just under 20 million views, apparently shows the preparations for a massive battle against an undead army. Jon Snow warns, “They’re coming in. Our enemy does not tire, does not stop, and knows no fear.” Sky Deutschland is setting up its own pop-up channel called “Sky Atlantic Thrones HD” around the eighth season.

The end of the LEAD: the most beautiful pancake videos

Yesterday was “Pancake Day”, the World Pancake Day 2019. For this very special occasion, British fun video specialist LADbible has put together the best pancake videos in the world. Silly, but sensationally funny!

Happy Pancake Day! Some people are born flippers, some are less fortunate

– LADbible (@ladbible) March 5, 2019

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